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notes by Meral Aslan

sole 2

Day 1

  • individual warm up
  • Relaxing and Dropping the weight : We lied on the floor (supine), knees bent (one foot apart from the hip)


      1.We pressed  a little bit on the sole of the feet  and we shaked the body forward and backwards(towards feet fingers and towards hip). We added head to this movement turning it right left     right left.(5 to 10 min)

           2.In the same position this time arms long reaching to ceiling, we imagined  holding a ball. In each exhale we imagined the ball getting bigger, bigger and bigger until our hands got close to the ground.This way we felt the real weight of our arms (We checked how the weight of arms differed in different angles)

          Note: We opened the jaw and said “haaaaaa” to deepen the weight (hip and jaw is connected/ related)). It is useful to say ‘haaaaa’ whenever you want to feel more grounded and connected to floor.

            3.We moved  to X position on the floor. As we exhale we opened the body, in inhale we contracted, got smaller in space(cenin position).      

           4.Like an animal, we moved on our hands(large on the ground) and feet (we were on the  balls of feet (the bottom of feet fingers) not the above part of the foot) in the space.

             We moved forward then backwards with  the awareness of kinespheres. We moved closer to each other as a group, narrowed the circle, we explored to cross each other using the empty    spaces. Then we moved apart, and made an eye contact with another person and carried on doing the same exercise focusing on spatial organization (tried to find creative ways in the space).

  • Travelling(shifting through the space)

         1. We shifted across the floor in duets without loosing the eye contact.

         2. In duets again, shoulder to shoulder, each person tried to go opposite directions while crossing the space ( We focused on feet going down to earth while the upper body elongates up to sky).

  • Partnering

         1.  First shoulder to shoulder then back to back, we played around the same idea of pushing against each other, finding a contact point.

         2.  Palms to palms, we explored ‘falling in each other’ again with the same idea of finding a contact point (shoulders and  elbows are not stiff).

          3.Palms to palms, back to back respectively ( The same sensation of large hands as in the moving like an animal exercise continues while standing pushing palms instead of ground)


Day 2

  • individual warm up
  • Warm up exercises: Walking in the space

             1. We started with walking in the space, crossed between two people  randomly, walked backwards.While walking, we focused on the following:

             Softened knees to feel more grounded

             Head up to sky

             Said ‘ Haaaa’ to feel the connection between jaw and hip

             Made eye contact

             observed the breath, the  hip , the head ( how the body works/walks)

             observed the space we created while crossing each other

             spatial awareness

            Note: If about to crash someone while crossing, instead of going up which often happens as a reflex, we tried sinking , going down  to the ground  as a useful idea.

           2.   We imagined being ‘planets’ individually. We opened our arms as if holding a ball. In this form, we continued moving in the space. We tried to organize our speed, energy and time.From

             onwards, keeping the same form but  this time arms freer, we explored moving with arms  doing spirals. In the next step, whole body was involved in the spiral.

             Note:   We tried  to find an effortless way while moving. If tired, just observed others.

  • Travelling (3 couples in a row)    
  •           1. One rolling on the floor, the other amplifying  his/her movement either by giving direction or holding the body part that initiates the movement.
  •               Note: observed the movement of the partner first  for a second, then made it easier for him without leading (just amplifying).
  •           2. Spirals on the floor initiated by hand or leg individually then in duets.
  •               In duets, one rolls on the floor the other decides how to enter to the space either by hand or by leg. The one on the bottom amplifies the movement by rolling while the other on top obeys.
  •               Note: centers are close to each other every time.
  •     Patnering : back to back, moving against each other(opposite directions), sharing the weight

                   1.We slowly went down and up.

                      note: feet are vulnerable, not to much open otherwise your partner can not move you

                               hip and shoulders are relaxed

                   2.We tried stand on one leg in the same position which requires more help from the partner for weight.

                   3.Back to back sitting, one carries the other on his back in the cat position respectively.

Day 3

  • Individual warm up
  • Warm up:

          1.  Started with an exercise helps releasing upper leg muscles.  In the standing position, each person presses his/her palms. Elbows facing wall, we shaked the lower body then the upper body was involved (vibration  through the body) note: hands are just there to support, we don’t  move elbows.

          2. In the same position, arms open long on sides, we twisted arms. While one arm doing spiral (thumb initiates the movement,then elbow, then shoulder involved),the other arm does the same thing in the opposite direction. We explored the idea of ‘squeezing’. Next we added head and eyes to the sensation of squeezing, then whole body and progressed in different angles.

           3.Palms facing the ceiling, we imagined ‘plates’/ ‘balls’ in our hands. We explored moving with these plates in the space without dropping.

             While moving we focused on the following:

              How we do we organize head and body?

              How are we related to others, space, earth and sky?

              if we were grounded.

              We tried to play with time, speed etc.

              Body moving in a 3 dimensional way.

            Next we lifted one leg and came to the ground. We observed what happens with less support, maybe fall and catch the momentum (suspend and fall).

             While composing of our own movement, teacher offered maybe copying others, changing the shape of the movement or transform the energy or both etc.

  •     Partnering:
  •     1.palms to palms,
  •        released shoulders and softened knee, feet close not to apart
  •          We focused on the following:
  •          Do we use partner’s weight / are we counter balanced?
  •          Other places to hold, offered different surfaces to offer to the partner, how can we help him?
  •          What happens if are close to the partner or further away from the partner?
  •          the center always reorganizes
  •        Note:  the movement is not from elbows instead we use weight.
  • Travelling: Rolling with the ground individually

         We did spiraling on the ground. First the leg (starting from the toes)and then the hand initiates the spiraling.We observed the sensation of squeezing. Eyes are on the opposite direction of the                        movement( as an extension of the spine) which makes the movement longer.We focused on:

            how we organize movement without loosing contact with the ground.

            Where does it start?

            How eyes are connected with outer space?

             note: ‘tip-toeing to the the ground’ (climbing really slow) image was used.


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